Summa Against the Keynesians

Summa Against the KeynesiansFully rewritten, it’s the latest word in big bada boom economics.

General Theory is a collection of fantasies of an egotistical, decadent, and corrupt aristocrat. Keynes dressed up ancient fallacies and discredited ideas in new clothes, or lack thereof, in order to claim to revolutionize economics. But a revolution need not be progressive, it can, like the Keynesian sort, be reactionary.

I refute all this sophistry and defend laissez-faire capitalism against the charge that the free economy, the natural order, is unstable and requires continuous government intervention.

The magicians, Keynesians macroeconomists, worship the demoness, the great whore who suckles them, and they weave lies in order to prop her up. But their doom is nigh. Their idol shall fall, and the people shall be free from her oppression.

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Secrets of Metaethics

Secrets of MetaethicsWhat is “good” or goodness?

It turns out that this is a highly nontrivial question that requires that one come into possession of the correct ontology.

There are, I argue, four types of goodness: physical, moral, metaphysical, and divine.

This bird’s-eye view helps me to solve a number of difficult problems in metaethics, the most fundamental of which is the incompatibility between the Humean theory of motivation, objectivity, and internalism.

My solution takes care of everything.

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G.A. Cohen: The Anti-Moses

Slaying the LichGerald Cohen was a brilliant political philosopher; incredibly, he was also a Marxist who imbibed heavily the communist doctrine from his very birth.

At one point in his younger days he’d say, “Insofar as I am a Marxist I am not a philosopher, and insofar as I am a philosopher I am not a Marxist.”

Later, however, he found a need to reconcile the two influences, and he dedicated most of his efforts to a philosophical defense of egalitarian socialism.

My book examines most of his major writings and decimates his case for equality of distribution of goods.

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Distribute This

Distribute This In this book, I deal with the system of the philosopher John Rawls and show that his device of the original position is either entirely barren or, when rightly understood, outputs libertarianism or specifically for economics, laissez-faire capitalism.

Rawls has had a significant influence on the development of modern liberal thought. Here I take him down a notch.

By which I mean I destroy him utterly.

If you ever wanted to know how to deal with problems of “just distribution” of stuff, this book will answer your questions.

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Choice, Shmoice

Choice, ShmoiceMost people will probably agree that abortion is a distasteful, ugly act on the personal level, but what is its proper legal standing?

The mainstream debate features few discriminating arguments and little logical rigor.

Libertarians have not been guilty of excessive sentimentalism; plus, they are right on pretty much all other things political. Surely, our take on abortion deserves to be heard.

Far from looking down on emotions, however, we will marry them happily to reason and produce unaborted fruit.

To that end, we’ll delve deep into political philosophy and greats like Rothbard, Block, and others.

Your opportunity to reason well about this important issue awaits!

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