Bringing law to the lawless

In a world, where men kill each other to stay "fully employed"...

in a dystopian present, in which they build evil empires on taxes and debt...

a new hope against government coercion and deception was about to take root.

Grab Your Free Copy of “G.A. Cohen: The Sick Man of Philosophy”

Putting Down the ZombieGerald Cohen was a brilliant political philosopher; surprisingly, he was also a Marxist who imbibed heavily the socialist-egalitarian doctrine from his very birth.

At one point in his younger days he’d say, “In so far as I am a Marxist I am not a philosopher, and in so far as I am a philosopher I am not a Marxist.”

Later, however, he found a need to reconcile the two influences, and he dedicated most of his efforts to a philosophical defense of egalitarian socialism.

My eBook examines most of his major writings and decimates his case for equality of distribution of goods.

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Grab Your Free Copy of “Unbearable Lightness of John Rawls”

Smashing John Rawls In this eBook, I deal with the system of the philosopher John Rawls and show that his device of the original position is either entirely barren or, when rightly understood, outputs libertarianism or specifically for economics, laissez-faire capitalism.

Rawls has had a significant influence on the development of modern liberal thought. Here I take him down a notch.

By which I mean I destroy him utterly.

We’ll discuss:

  • The actual reasons why the original position is intriguing;
  • The correct form of utilitarianism called “lawgiver utilitarianism,” and how the OP must be paired with it;
  • The “just” distribution of:
    1. liberties;
    2. opportunities;
    3. income and wealth;
    4. social bases of self-respect;
  • The nature of the market process;
  • The welfare state;
  • Democracy;
  • And much more!

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Grab Your Free Copy of “Argue Like (or With) a Libertarian About Abortion”

Libertarianism on abortionLibertarians have a big bag of dirty arguing tricks. Let me teach you some of them as regards the abortion controversy.

We’ll delve deep into political philosophy and greats like Rothbard, Block, and others.

Your opportunity to reason well about this important issue awaits!

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Summa Against the Keynesians book coverDownload 3rd Edition of Summa Against the Keynesians free:

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I Get Medieval on Keynes’ Ass

“Keynesism is Marxism lite…” Such is the inescapable conclusion of the more than 100 chapters in the Summa Against the Keynesians on numerous things Keynesian, Austrian, and economic.

Come partake of an exciting yet rigorous and eye-opening excursion into the intricacies of systematic economic theory and policy with Dmitry A. Chernikov who has been mastering economics and the Austrian school for many years under the tutelage of Mises, Rothbard, Hayek, and other luminaries and is a graduate of Mises University.

You will enjoy this exquisite blend of economics and philosophy, zooming all the way out for a view of the universe as a whole and focusing on the tiniest of details. This book is an application of sound economic logic to Keynes and his school and is a result of years of meditation on economic problems.

Book I begins with a thorough guide to Keynes’ General Theory. Keynes’ arguments are given the most charitable interpretations; at the same time his many errors are with no qualms pinpointed and exposed.

This process is punctuated with several forays into philosophy and methodology in order to situate economics within the big picture.

These prepare a ground for and enlighten the reader’s encounter with a treatment in the Austrian tradition of labor and unemployment, the time factor of production and time preferences, uncertainty and risk preferences, interest rates, rates of confidence, profits and losses, entrepreneurship, consumption / investment / hoarding trade-offs, and the theory of business cycles.

Book II goes into detail on various mainstream and Post Keynesian doctrines and alternatives to the Austrian approach, especially regarding the business cycle and the monetary and fiscal policies.

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