Leftist Race Fanaticism Explained

Progressives define racism as prejudice + “power.” Thus, Tom Woods writes, in connection with the looming official robbery of whites in South Africa:

So if as a black person you were to say, “Let’s start burning down white neighborhoods,” this would not be racist.

But what about in black-run countries, where virtually all-black political parties rule? Surely those black people, who obviously do hold power, can be racist?

(Doesn’t a person who is burning down a neighborhood have power over his victims? Why limit power to holding political office?)

Progressives believe that black people cannot be racist even when they hold all power in African countries and proceed to loot and murder whites, because blacks, they feel, are pathetic miserable sad sons of bitches who should be pitied for their weak and woeful worthlessness.

They are just animals, or at best half-devils, half-children. It’s as absurd to blame blacks for killing whites as to blame wolves for killing sheep.

Their minds are too primitive to come up with an ideology, even as dumb as racism.

White people’s flaws, on the other hand, cannot be forgiven so easily, e.g., “from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded,” etc.

In short, white liberals consider blacks to be like the zerg, an infestation, a natural disaster. Blacks are a plague of locusts that destroys entire towns, which is a defensible opinion. But locusts are man’s natural enemies and to be exterminated at will, and lefties also tend to grasp, rightly, that blacks are human beings who cannot be exterminated and ought even to be loved. The contradiction and cognitive dissonance thereby created are the reason for the left’s striking fanaticism about race.

In Defense of Blacks

Black celebrity Wanda Sykes has tweeted, “‘White people don’t steal wallets.’ They steal countries.”

This is entirely true.

Blacks cannot be accused of starting World Wars I and II, of genocides, of “inventing” socialism and starving millions, of torture and concentration camps, of imperialism, of terrorism, of persecution of heretics and dissenters, of creating and using chemical and nuclear weapons, and so on and on. Blacks are not smart enough to do truly horrible evils.

The fact that blacks are half-devils is made less consequential by the fact that they are half-children.

It may be that “black capitalism” won’t succeed, because the natural society of blacks is a primitive tribe of hunters-gatherers. They are thus not capable of capitalistic social cooperation. But there is no harm in a genuine and earnest attempt which will involve the abolition of the welfare state including incentives for blacks to reproduce mindlessly, drug war, minimum wages, public or subsidized housing, non-discrimination laws, and other political perversions. Cops ought to be unleashed to bring order to black slums and ghettos.

Non-blacks should really get a grip and quit coddling and exalting blacks far beyond what they deserve.

Here’s a typical syllogism popular on the left:

1) Obama is black.
2) Therefore, he is a half-devil, half-child.
3) Therefore, since I am a complete intellectual pervert, Obama is a god.

This nonsense ought to come to an end. White men need to take their burden seriously and shape blacks into something not ugly or criminal. The success of blacks depends entirely upon how white people take account of substantive race differences and deal with the nature of blacks as it is, without illusions or self-deception.

State-Run vs. State-Subsidized Schools

What on earth is a “failing school”? Must the bricks in the school building actually be crumbling? Well, no, a failing school is either (1) that pushes government propaganda, i.e., has bad teachers; or (2) that has criminal bad students; or both.

Regarding (2), consider that government-run housing keeps blacks deep inside their monstrous ghettos and out of decent neighborhoods. Government-subsidized housing is more pernicious, since it gives blacks a way out, thereby harming innocent non-black homeowners whose properties will be invaded and destroyed by blacks wielding “housing vouchers.”

The case of schools is even worse. Now blacks are stuffed into terrible schools, both by virtue of terrible teachers in them and by virtue of their own wickedness. We should let them rot there. To give them vouchers and let them spread into white neighborhoods will be a disaster.

This is especially obvious with regard to good public schools which, due to the various non-discrimination mandates, will be forced to accept all manner of gangster “kids” and unteachable savages from wherever they may hail. But we should expect private schools to lose all control over admissions, too, and be effectively socialized.

There is also the matter of (1): the now subjugated private schools will be massively subsidized, and with taxpayer subsidies comes government control over the curriculum. Why should the majority tolerate unconventional schools? Shouldn’t there be some accountability? Goodness only knows what’s being taught in private schools! Maybe the politicians hate Evolution; or on the contrary hate Intelligent Design. Or maybe they are convinced that math should be taught in one specific way. Away with the competition! Comply or lose your accreditation or be hounded with lawsuits.

Instead of “choice,” we’ll end up with conformity regarding (1) and enforced equality of misery regarding (2).