From the foregoing we can deduce the following about stone-cold prison inmates.

1. As temperamental Monsters, they are desperate and cannot be deterred by most threats of physical punishment. If they could, in the final analysis, they wouldn’t be in jail!

2. Their personalities are exceedingly simple, not in the sense of “wise as serpents and simple as doves,” nor in the the sense of possessing integrity through which even complex personalities can be well-unified and free from inner conflict or contradiction, but simply primitive, savage, boring.

The trivial dullness of their souls would make them uninteresting guests at cocktail parties, but it also protects them from any guilt they might otherwise feel.

3. They are metaphysically crazy, in the sense that they have become convinced that society, i.e., other people, are their enemies, whom they wholeheartedly hate, to be fought (again, desperately) and hurt and pushed around at every opportunity.

The obvious truth that without the society surrounding them they would not only be destitute but simply would not exist escapes them, making them irrational if not insane.

All three barriers standing between civilized existence and a life of destruction have failed for such people, and as a result, they are condemned.


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