The idea of contempt is interesting. Note first that contempt is an intellectual judgment and as such is not hatred which is an emotion.

Contempt in the arts is epitomized for me in the Sopranos where Furio Giunta, a hit man imported from Italy by Tony, walks into an apartment where two guys live in order to extract taxes from them, who meet him in their underwear. He looks at them with a mixture of disgust and pleasure in their humiliation and says with perfect contempt,

“They suck each other’s dicks.”

In other words, clearly, they are filth. They are not worthy to be called human. Vermin.

Now assuredly, learning about morals from mobsters is probably ill-advised. Nevertheless, there is a certain pleasure in this. My guess, however, is that this pleasure is entirely empty and fruitless, very much like the destructive power of the Mafiosi.

I mean, what is the point of affirming your own superiority in this way? It’s a negative-sum game. You diminish the other to make yourself look better. If this were common behavior, society could unravel easily, making everyone worse off.

Or was Furio despising not them but their slavery to ugly and wicked homosexuality? Was he onto something?

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