Cops, even local city policemen, seem hostile to people, something which in my view is entirely unnecessary. I will suggest five reforms which should improve the image of cops in the eyes of the public.

First, raise all speed limits by 20 mph. Lower the drinking age to 16 or repeal it entirely. Permit drinking and driving (Lew Rockwell makes a brilliant case for it). This will eliminate most of the unpleasant contact between law-abiding citizens and the police.

Second, stop the war on drugs. All drugs, whether legal or currently illegal, should be available in whatever store wishes to carry them over the counter.

Third, make cops protect individuals rather than serving abstract "justice," when even philosophers disagree what justice really is. If I have my nose broken by a thug, it is I who suffer not "justice." Let the thug pay his debt to me not society. So, let cops protect the victims from evildoers and judges award the victims damages, to be paid by the offenders.

Fourth, disarm all cops, disband all SWAT teams, and make it a crime for a cop to enter any private property without a warrant which should be very difficult to obtain, much more so than today. Reform #2 should make this eminently doable.

Finally, abolish the so-called crime of lying to the police. The police have no claim on me to tell them the truth, unless I'm under oath. They are the detectives; let them figure out who's lying and who's not.

Update. Ending the drug war should also end the crazy modern legal habit of property forfeiture.

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