I refer to the death and life in prison sentences imposed by judges.

If there is universal salvation, then capital punishment for breaking human laws is illegitimate. For hell represents the destruction of the soul, and if God’s power is great enough to save everyone, no matter how evil, then capital punishment, which represents the destruction of the body and is, as such, a temporal equivalent of eternal damnation, should be abolished. In other words, there is a clear analogy between hell and a lethal injection. If no one is thrown away by God, then no one should be thrown away by man either. Even if we don’t know for sure whether or not everyone (eventually) goes to heaven, the possibility of that alone should make us wary of official killings.

Similarly, life imprisonments simpliciter should be eliminated. For a man does not stay in purgatory forever but is released when he is sufficiently purified. Neither then should a stay in a human prison be for the criminal’s entire life span, but should be limited in duration. Now it is true that one may not be reformed until death. Still, there should be no punishments, especially life terms, without possibility of parole.


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