Black celebrity Wanda Sykes has tweeted, “‘White people don’t steal wallets.’ They steal countries.”

This is entirely true.

Blacks cannot be accused of starting World Wars I and II, of genocides, of “inventing” socialism and starving millions, of torture and concentration camps, of imperialism, of terrorism, of persecution of heretics and dissenters, of creating and using chemical and nuclear weapons, and so on and on. Blacks are not smart enough to do truly horrible evils.

The fact that blacks are half-devils is made less consequential by the fact that they are half-children.

It may be that “black capitalism” won’t succeed, because the natural society of blacks is a primitive tribe of hunters-gatherers. They are thus not capable of capitalistic social cooperation. But there is no harm in a genuine and earnest attempt which will involve the abolition of the welfare state including incentives for blacks to reproduce mindlessly, drug war, minimum wages, public or subsidized housing, non-discrimination laws, and other political perversions. Cops ought to be unleashed to bring order to black slums and ghettos.

Non-blacks should really get a grip and quit coddling and exalting blacks far beyond what they deserve.

Here’s a typical syllogism popular on the left:

1) Obama is black.
2) Therefore, he is a half-devil, half-child.
3) Therefore, since I am a complete intellectual pervert, Obama is a god.

This nonsense ought to come to an end. White men need to take their burden seriously and shape blacks into something not ugly or criminal. The success of blacks depends entirely upon how white people take account of substantive race differences and deal with the nature of blacks as it is, without illusions or self-deception.


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