Environmental Statism

Contra the environmentalists, George Reisman says, the free market not only brings "greater prosperity and enjoyment to everyone in the course of his normal, everyday life," but also allows us to "have the greatest possible industrial base available for coping with catastrophic events, whether those events be war, plague, meteors from outer space, intolerable global warming, or a new ice age."

I agree with him that the "best fundamental method of coping with" environmental change is the free market, not merely the sort we have today but complete laissez-faire:

The reality is that we don't have an option to revert to primitivism, de-civilize, go back to Stone Age. We must move forward, and that means taking greater and greater control over nature. We must not let go of this control but refine it. The "planet's" salvation is in the future not the past. Our technologies are still crude. We must encourage progress, so that, as our power grows, we harm our home less and less in the process of improving our standard of living.

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