It’s not the concern with individuals as sufferers of government injustices. No left-liberal actually cares about the children or homosexuals.

Rather, modern victimism is about glorification of sin and ugliness.

Politically correct victimism does not enjoin us to love our neighbor but:

first, to love and praise the neighbor’s sins;

second, never to challenge the neighbor’s false ideas and even to convert to his idiocy ourselves,

since to do otherwise would constitute “aggression.”

But note again the Gospels episode of Jesus saving the adulterous woman. He has mercy on her and saves her life, but does not tell her, “Go, keep whoring yourself, and be proud of it.” He says, most reasonably, “Go, [and] from now on do not sin any more.”

It’s a perennial problem for people to love sinners but hate their sin. Victimism is just another grotesque error in regard to this elementary distinction.


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