Well, isn’t suffering real? Don’t we feel pain? Of course, but evil is not defined as merely privation of good but as privation of good that in some sense “ought to be there,” a corruption of nature. The standard example is that blindness is an evil in a man but not in a stone, because the stone is not supposed to see in the first place.

But for any instance of evil, whether physical, moral, or metaphysical, it may be asked: “Why should the opposite to it good be?” “Who promised you a happy life?” “Who breaks his contract with you, if you suffer or die?” “Who except you is responsible, if you are a vicious person?” Good has no reason to exist, unless you bring it about.

Who is prepared to command God to create?

Thus, is poverty an evil? But it is not written anywhere or ordained from above that man ought to be wealthy. It seems that poverty is not an evil, though wealth is good.


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