Technically, the natural happiness enjoyed by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was due to a special protection granted to them by God. They enjoyed immortality of the body, perfect health, and a beautiful environment in which to live.

This protection was God’s to give and God’s to take away; it was a privilege not a right. It was completely different from the perfect security of happiness of the blessed in heaven.

So, when God cast the first parents out of the Garden, He also lifted this unique grace. It cannot therefore be said that God hurt Adam; He merely withdrew an extraordinary benefit to which Adam had no claim in the first place and put him exactly where he belonged in his as yet unregenerated state — in the wild.

But other than that, the whole thing was a complete setup! And the way it happened, through Eve and the crafty snake and the apple — it’s the stuff of a sitcom. It’s hilarious!

Now recall that the angels’ nature was always intact; their fall consisted in refusing the divine grace of charity for humans. The human fall had an entirely different cause: it was a manifestation of corrupt and wounded human nature. Thus, the demons sought to remain pure but ungraced; in falling, man not only lacked any graces but went below his nature. This unique metaphysical evil accrued to us by virtue of the excess of potency in us, our funky hybrid nature that borrows from both angels and beasts.

It is precisely this corruption of our nature that so scandalized Lucifer and his sympathizers, since God demanded that this most naturally eminent angel abase himself before us and serve us. And Lucifer refused.

In short, the fall of man is marked by both tragedy and comedy; or more precisely, the angelic fall was a tragedy, and the human fall was a farce.

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