It’s a mistake to think feminists want “equality” or ever did. If men and women are enemies battling for power, as the feminists would have it, then the end goal of the women cannot reasonably be a détente; instead, it must be unconditional surrender of the men.

And here’s one strategy to achieve total dominance: the feminists indeed wanted to free women — contrary to all reason — to have as much sex as they wanted, but that was only step 1. Step 2 is now to have women use sex to accuse their lovers of rape.

Thereby bringing all the coercive might of the state upon their heads. All is fair in love and war which are, according to the feminists, the same thing!

What a clever roundabout plan hatched by some crafty dominatrix long ago.

The intellectual error here may be the failure to distinguish between 3 kinds of sex:

1) holy sex in loving marriage;
2) degrading but consensual casual sex / one-night stand / willing whoring;
3) rape.

Feminists deny that (2) is at all possible. To them, all sex is perfectly great. Many women, however, subconsciously disagree and, when feeling used and degraded by (2), pretend, to salvage some of their dignity, that the sex was, after all, not consensual. An accusation of rape ensues.

No one benefits and everyone loses, both men and women, in the longer run.

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