Abortion, according to feminism, is “the guarantee that women (and men) could enjoy sexual freedom without consequences.” Alright, let’s consider sexual freedom. The striking fact is that a woman who wanted to sleep around and have many partners could never in any society really be stopped. Sex has never been illegal; a woman who seduced a married man could never be charged with any crime; in a big city like New York, no one cared how promiscuous a woman was, anyway. A woman who set her mind on being a slut would always succeed, as plenty of men would always be there to grant her her wish of sexual gratification. Moreover, women can use their sexuality as a way to gain power over men and have often done just that; this is an ancient as sexual reproduction itself.

What loose women did not have was respectability. Their status was close to that of male criminals. Consider that the phrase “get in trouble” means different things for men and women. For men, it means run afoul of the law, go to jail, and the like. For women, it means get an unwanted pregnancy. So, women who whored were outcasts, banished from good society. And this bothered them. “How to fix the situation?” they wondered. Institutionalizing sacred prostitution was probably out of the question. Very well, how about enshrining “sexual freedom” as a fundamental human right?

Now proper ladies do not benefit from a large variety of whores out there. Too many sexually active women in the wild, and men can obtain sexual satisfaction easily, which creates an incentive against marrying. This is against even of rightly understood interests of men, for whom sex ceases to be a stepping stone to love and loving marriage. Prostitutes tempt men who usually succumb quite readily.

There are reasons why whores are rejected from polite company. A woman is built for the difficult task of bearing children. She can’t engage in risky behaviors and remain fit as a mother, physically and mentally. Fox-Genovese writes that “by the time Tracey had finished graduate school, she had had five abortions, and she was beginning to fear that she could never have a child.” Whoring is thus against women’s nature. In addition, promiscuous women lose the capacity to bond with a husband or fall truly in love. Hence, promiscuity is against men’s nature. Men do not “respect,” offer consideration to, fall in love with, or marry whores, except in movies. In enjoying their sexual freedom, women have sabotaged both the procreative function of sex and the unitive one.

Again, becoming a whore has always been an option for a woman in any society. But women cannot complain that there are social sanctions against this sort of thing. You do the crime, be prepared to do the time (and don’t whine, if you are caught); you sleep around, don’t expect invitations to posh parties (and again, don’t whine, if such invitations, indeed, are not forthcoming). They should grasp their own true interests and support such sanctions, even if they suffer from them personally. It would be anti-social to do otherwise.

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