I am not sure why women want to work hard. Who wants to work, anyway? Men look forward to retirement. They hate Mondays. They want to kill their bosses. They wish they weren’t bound to the “old ball and chain” and had the freedom to do what they wanted. Why would women want to immerse themselves in the daily grind?

I mean, a married woman who stays at home can engage in a variety of self-actualizing endeavors. She can devote her life to contemplation, philosophy, science, art, music, community leadership, even a home business. That housewives are “bored” is not their husbands’ fault. They enjoy the freedom to do anything they please, and they throw it away. I don’t get it.

Marshall considered it a social priority to free women, especially mothers, from having to work long hours and do hard work.

General ability depends largely on the surroundings of childhood and youth. In this the first and far the most powerful influence is that of the mother, when she does not abdicate it for the sake of dearly bought wages or for more selfish purposes.

… the degradation of the working-classes varies almost uniformly with the amount of rough work done by women.

The most valuable of all capital is that invested in human beings; and of that capital the most precious part is the result of the care and influence of the mother, so long as she retains her tender and unselfish instincts, and has not been hardened by the strain and stress of unfeminine work.

Feminists want to undo centuries of social and economic progress in this matter by driving women to labor, all in the name of “equality.” How stupid is that?

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