The political imperative of creating job is a pathetic remnant of a slave society. When humans first united into tribes, everyone was indeed a slave of the collective tribal state producing on a socialist basis. Loss of a “job” meant either that the entire tribe fell apart or exile from the tribe into the wilderness where one would probably starve or be eaten by wild beasts.

Under capitalism, things are much less dire. So, what, you lost your job? Find a new one! See if there is any unsatisfied human need for which other people have not yet made provisions and be the first to fill it. You’ll be rolling in money in no time.

To the extent that there is persistent unemployment, it is due to (1) government’s own interventions such as minimum wage, and to (2) the business cycle also caused by the state’s perverse monetary and banking regime. But aside from progressing to laissez-faire, the state cannot create any jobs, unless you count bureaucratic positions.

Entrepreneurs create new jobs by in the process destroying existing ones.


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