So, there is a legal battle in California about the details of gay marriage. I contend that in this battle the gays are either evil or stupid.

Those against gay marriage perceive, rightly in my view, that gays want the same dignity to their marriage, dignity allotted to it by tradition, utility, and religion, that normal marriage has. But in attempting to measure up to normal marriage gays do not pull themselves up but instead drag marriage down. It’s no wonder people say that gays want to undermine morals and working social institutions and basically demean something holy.

If that is indeed the case, then gays stand condemned. But suppose that they have no such nefarious plans. Surely, the gays recognize the inferiority of their “marriage.” Then why rattle the good folks? The issue, it seems to me, turns entirely on a word. Gays should say: it’s fine if you don’t let us marry, but we’d like to be able to… shmarry! Shmarriage would be actuated by a different ritual (civil or religious — in some Satanic cult or something — or whatever — perhaps instead of rings, gays would exchange pens) and be governed by a different set of laws. Or not: perhaps the legislators would simply copy the normal marriage laws into a new book called “Shmarriage Laws” without any alterations. Or maybe with a few alterations, big deal. Really, no one would be the wiser.

This way, it seems to me, the dispute could be resolved peacefully.

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