From the forgoing, we can see that God is both the Creator of the original world marked by increasing self-sufficiency or aseity of creatures when arranged in the order of ascending nobility (which culminates in the 2nd-level deistic Son), the Destroyer of this world as metaphysically inadequate, and Creator of the new world where each higher thing knows and loves for various reasons all the lower things.

We may picture the divine act of destruction as the Holy Spirit’s biting our contented selves and cracking the shells that separate us from each other.

The following schema should clarify matters:

Grace of the intellect, faith, builds on nature;
Grace of power, hope, becomes nature;
Grace of the will, charity, wounds nature.

The unquickened with charity universe that was created first had many angels in it, ungraced but certainly great and powerful in their natural state.

Again, the combination of God’s natural knowledge, the smoothly generated middle knowledge, and the violently birthed free knowledge united God’s intellect with the created world.

As part of this incredible and stunning course of action, the angels received two “wounding” graces of charity. The first grace of love for each other all angels accepted.

The second grace of charity for humans was rejected by the angels who would become demons. The ultimate reason for this is that charity entails servitude, works of mercy; the superior angels would have had to agree to serve the inferior humans, which is unnatural, and that’s precisely what the wounding aspect of charity consists in.

Both graces caused the good angels to undergo a rather grueling death and rebirth themselves, suitable to their natures, which means experiences while not as horrible as God the Son’s, yet still probably more terrifying than any man’s feeling amazing grace.

And a number of angels, led by Lucifer, pridefully objected and refused to have their nature altered in this manner for the sake of coming to love the lower from their point of view things.

Lucifer and his host then did the only logical thing: they sought to destroy humanity by driving each person into hell. He’d try to get us to murder each other so that our physical destruction would bring about spiritual damnation. Then, when we’re all dead in both senses, the material universe will come to serve no purpose, as angels have no use for it. At that point there will be nothing below Lucifer to love, and he would thereby be vindicated.

This would devastate the humans, the good angels, and God, as well, but Lucifer does not care.

Thus, the good angels love the evil angels as angels, but hate them as enemies of human beings whom they also love.

So, this is where we are now, fighting the demons to attain heroic sainthood and prove God right in His act of tearing the original creation apart in order to unify it.

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