The gun debate has an emotional component. There are impressions and images which people unconsciously hold. One of my own images of a gun owner is a successful man, such as a businessman or a professor, who keeps a revolver in a desk drawer in his study. Another is a pretty girl who keeps a small gun in her purse. Yet another is a father and a son going to the range to shoot a few rounds and have fun. How far removed are these peaceful and normal visions of civilized men who own weapons because they understand evil from gang warfare, spree killers, and mass murders by government!

It is beyond doubt that the gun control frenzy arose only because of the swelling of the underclass due to the inevitable results of the Drug Prohibition and the unraveling of market-based discipline among the blacks. Something must be done in order to keep guns away from “these people.” Instead of urging that the law-abiding folks who live in dangerous neighborhoods arm themselves, the foolish idealists and the evil politicians decided to take guns away from them. The “diversity” movement has worsened matters as people tend to distrust foreign strangers and wonder if they would be better off, if the “diverse” did not have guns. When human solidarity evaporates, all kinds of grotesque things start taking place.

Imposing severe gun control in an area where the honest poor mingle with the underclass in order “at least to keep them from killing each other” is a terrible idea. For they do not kill “each other”; rather, and as always, the many brutal criminals kill the law-abiding citizens. To deprive the latter of the means of protection is no good.


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