1) We support unrestricted private gun ownership.

  1. Self-defense and defense of those around a person are not only natural rights but natural duties, as well.

  2. More guns, especially with concealed carry, less crime.

  3. Owning and carrying weapons is protected by the 2nd amendment to the Constitution.

  4. Allowing pilots and passengers to carry guns on airplanes is a means to safe and secure flying experience, provided that the weapons are reasonably safe for innocent bystanders. (Perhaps frangible bullets are needed to prevent cabin decompression.) In other words, solutions to airplane safety are possible, even if we cannot know which particular solution will be chosen or invented by the relevant property owners.

  5. Government tyranny will be less likely, of course not because a single even well-armed person can resist a SWAT team, but because the government will be unwilling to make martyrs of those who force it to engage in a shoot-out.

2) We oppose government torture of suspects, suspension of habeas corpus, indefinite detainment of prisoners, and other due process violations, and extension of executive power as opposed to the authority of the Congress, the courts, and the several states.

  1. All of these things are unjust and are steps toward tyranny.

3) We support full financial and medical privacy; that is, we support preventing the government from spying on the people.

We oppose the national Id card and support the repeal of the Patriot Act.

  1. The government naturally wants to know everything about the citizens, the better to control them. Ideally, it wants to turn all people into informers who rat each other, including their family members, to the “organs” of the state. (Such a thing was reality in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall.) This monstrous vision must not be allowed to become fact.

4) We oppose all special rights and privileges for “minorities,” including affirmative action, anti-discrimination laws, quotas, and other government-enforced preferential treatment of minorities and women.

We support unrestricted freedom of association.

We support full protections of private property rights, including the rights of businessmen and employers, land- and building owners, and lending institutions, as opposed to socialistic “civil rights” of the official victim groups.

  1. Who are these people who in their pride or contempt for others imagine themselves to be excluded from the laws that apply to everyone else?

  2. These laws violate the right of people to make or avoid making contracts of their choice.

  3. Arbitrary discrimination by firms is already penalized in the marketplace with lower profits as able minorities find jobs elsewhere. And why would anybody want to work for a company where he is not wanted, anyway?

  4. The right to free association includes the right not to associate.

  5. Racial profiling by the police or private individuals is not always indefensible but can in fact be such that its benefits outweigh the costs.

  6. The older left held that the battle was between the capitalists and the proletarians; the more modern version proposes that the alleged fight is between numerous groups; pretty soon they’ll tell us that individual interests are all antagonistic. So instead of a free (and great) society with a harmony of interests, we have a war of all against all, and only a perfectly rigid hierarchy of total state in which human beings are reduced to machines can save us. Perhaps the left will self-destruct completely at that point.

5) We support repeal of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  1. See ADA Success? At What?

  2. See Bilked by Civil Rights.

6) We oppose the drug war and support complete legalization of all presently outlawed drugs.

  1. This means that decisions of which drugs to sell should be made by entrepreneurs and private property owners. If Walmart decides to sell heroin in 5-pound bags for $29.99, then so be it. (Though we would not necessarily recommend buying it.)

  2. The drug war is an abject failure.

  3. The drug war is absurdly paternalistic and punishes victimless crimes.

7) Although we share many concerns about pollution, we are deeply suspicious of the environmental movement. We find it to be misanthropic and thoroughly statist.

  1. See The Enviro-Skeptic’s Manifesto.

  2. Many environmental problems are due to poorly defined property rights. Privatize rivers, forests, federal land, plants and animals, and you will see truly effective conservation and care for the environment. The biggest polluter is, after all, the government, and socialist countries are the most polluted ones of all.

8) We support repeal of Roe v. Wade and devolution of the authority to make decisions regarding the legality of abortion to the states.

In particular, we oppose government subsidies to abortion providers. We further oppose government decrees forcing pharmacies to sell contraceptive devices.

  1. One libertarian opinion is that a fetus is inside its mother’s womb by her consent. If she no longer agrees to keep it there, the fetus becomes an illicit trespasser on her body which is her property, according to the libertarian doctrine of self-ownership, liable to be pushed out if she so chooses.

  2. Thus, abortion is not contrary to public justice, though it may be contrary to charity. However, charity is not to be enforced by law.


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