1) We opposed the start and oppose the continuation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  1. The war in Iraq has caused the deaths of thousands of American soldiers. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have died, as well, as a direct result of the war, and millions have been driven from places where they have lived all their lives.

  2. The war was brought upon us by a lie: there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And even if there had been, that would have been no reason to attack it. (We can look at the Iraqi government’s keeping WMDs as a tort. But no one appointed the US, which has far more of these weapons than many of the nuclear counties combined, to “sue” Iraq for its (non-)possession of these weapons, let alone attack it.) There was no al-Qaeda in Iraq prior to the war, while there is al-Qaeda there now.

  3. The war has ruined the Iraqi economy, decimated its infrastructure, and destroyed numerous private and public properties.

  4. The war does not qualify as just according to the Christian just war theory. It is not against a country that was a threat to Americans; it was never formally declared by Congress; it was not the last resort; it is not winnable.

  5. This war and the sanctions preceding it have hurt the trade with Iraq in peaceful goods and therefore made us all poorer. The Iraq war is not in the interest of the common man, unless he delights in vicarious “glory” of mass murder unleashed by the state.

  6. Democracy is a political instrument, used to replace the reigning politicians peacefully, without violent revolutions, according to the will of the majority. (In the long run, there are no unpopular governments.) Yet in order to create democracy in Iraq we violently deposed its ruler. And the present government, such as it is, is more repressive than Saddam Hussein’s ever was. For example, religious freedom has all but disappeared in Iraq.

  7. There is now talk of permanent occupation of Iraq.

  8. The Iraq war has nothing to do with crime-fighting or bringing criminals to justice.

  9. War always ratchets up domestic violations of liberty. Despotism at home is a corollary of foreign wars, and vice versa. Libertarianism has nothing to do with the political schizophrenia of those who advocate socialism and peace or capitalism and war.

  10. Occupation by a foreign regime is the worst kind of tyranny, and we are guilty of precisely that in Iraq.

  11. In short, foreign interventionism has always brought about results opposite to those the supporters of any war claim they want to achieve.

2) We support an immediate pull-out of troops from Iraq.

  1. Middle Eastern politics has always been volatile and irrational. We have no business interfering with what we cannot understand.

  2. Pulling out will give the warring parties in the Middle East, including Israel, an incentive to solve their own problems.

  3. The civil war in Iraq consists of armed groups trying to gain control over the central government. American troops should not favor one such group of bandits over another.

  4. No more dead soldiers.

  5. The presence of US troops is entirely useless; after 5 years of war, the US “controls” less than one third of a single city. (Some might say, “Thank goodness!”)

  6. The purpose of the US military is to protect America, not to protect Iraq.

  7. The war has resulted in thousands of new recruits for terrorist organizations; this aid and comfort to these criminals must stop.

  8. The costs of war are astronomical, to the extent of $10 billion/month.

  9. It may be objected that having ruined Iraq, we have a moral obligation to rebuild it. But Iraq can only be rebuilt through freedom, peace, and free markets. No amount of welfare will help. Nor can the soldiers act as entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it is not the collective “we” who are at fault but the particular men inside the US federal government. Let them pay for their crimes, such as by being enslaved to labor to reconstruct Iraq.

  10. It may be further argued that if the US troops pull out, there will be a bloodbath or, at least, a greater bloodbath than is already there. We find this conclusion to be pure speculation; on the contrary, an end to foreign occupation of the Iraqi capital city may bring sanity to the warring factions.

3) We support peaceful relations with Russia, China, and all the countries which conservatives have tried to portray as our new enemies since the end of the Cold War.

In particular, we oppose any attempt to extend a US missile shield to Eastern Europe.

  1. Social cooperation and trade with these nations will only intensify. These countries are our benefactors, as we are theirs, producing all manner of goods and services for us to trade. The greater the extent of economic interdependence, the less plausible the case for hostilities becomes.

  2. Neither Russia nor China nor any other country wants to antagonize the US, especially given the climate of paranoia and right-wing fascism in the country.

  3. Putting up a missile shield only seems defensive, but it is, in fact, an equivalent of a gangster’s putting on body armor the better to assault others.

4) We oppose the policy of preemptive strikes against any country which is not about to declare war on America. That means exactly all countries in the world right now and in the foreseeable future.

  1. This policy is fueled by paranoia and hatred of the other, all pitiful and disgraceful vices.

  2. The idea that Iran (for example) can or is willing to harm the US is quite absurd on the face of it. This is because

    1) Iran has no WMDs;
    2) Iran has never attacked the US since the later 80s when the US supported Iraq in its war with Iran;
    3) Iran has never threatened the US;
    4) the last thing Iran wants is to be associated with terrorism, either in Iraq or the US or anywhere else. It knows that it is at the mercy of the US government, if the latter is successful at securing public support for yet another war.

5) We reject the current habit of the political class to call nation-against-nation wars “wars against terror.”

  1. Terrorism is a tactic used for achieving political aims; it is not a country.

  2. Americans are not hated for their freedoms (those that are still left, we suppose), their version of “democracy,” or whatever virtues remain in its public life. In fact, Americans are generally admired and respected. It is the US federal government that is hated for its constant meddling in Middle Eastern affairs which are none of our concern. And just as the military belonging to that federal government does not discriminate all too well between the guilty and the innocent, neither are the terrorists discriminating. Thus, the 9/11 attack on the World Trade and Financial Centers, a blowback and an evilly collectivist retaliation for real or perceived offenses.


    Another common error has to do with the much derided “moral equivalence”. How many times have we seen the slogan “God bless America!”? But God’s blessings are as a rule bestowed on those nations that are unwavering in their adherence to the natural law. Should they disobey, their past achievements will not save them from disaster.

    It is not worth pointing out, for example, that the people who died in the 9/11 attack did not deserve to be murdered. However, because most Americans failed even to try to restrain the state whose wild ambitions include managing the world with utter disregard for the laws of both social cooperation and conscience, they may not feign righteousness. They are utterly indifferent to their duty as citizens continuously to force the state to respect economic freedom at home and peace and self-determination of nations abroad and then become outraged when people around them die violent deaths.

    But maintaining a free, peaceful, and prosperous society requires keen minds and constant struggle, lest it degenerates into a ruthless welfare-warfare state with countless enemies. That struggle entails a conscious commitment to the correct ideology and a willingness to act on it. The fault, as always, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.

    This analysis is offered not, obviously, to excuse or justify terrorism but to understand it, something that the political class and the opinion-molders, in pandering to the bloodthirsty, have been refusing to do.

  3. Bombing and otherwise devastating sovereign nations tend to make terrorists out of their citizens.

  4. US military strategies and tactics are ineffective in 4th-generation warfare.

6) We support complete elimination of all US military bases around the globe.

  1. These bases serve no legitimate purpose (extending the reach of the US empire’s military is hardly that), and the soldiers occupying them are usually despised by the locals.

  2. The bases are cesspools of crime, vice, and debt.

  3. The personnel on these bases should protect America rather than threaten their host countries.

7) We support unilateral disarmament of nuclear weapons.

  1. Nuclear arms are weapons of mass destruction. Unlike guns, they cannot be pinpointed against an enemy and instead kill everyone, whether guilty or innocent, friend or foe, as well as destroy property within many miles, whether that property is used for fighting or for peaceful purposes. It follows that nuclear arms cannot be used defensively and have only evil applications.

  2. There is no longer the Cold War, such that “mutually assured destruction” could be defended as a sane doctrine.

  3. The use of nuclear weapons creates monstrous aftereffects that go far beyond the immediate devastation. For example, radiation causes illness, birth defects, and suchlike long after the nuclear exchange is over.

  4. As the only nation that has actually used these weapons, America should repent of its crime and set an example for everyone else to follow.

8) We support elimination of the standing army in the United States.

  1. See Our Military Myth.

  2. Who could possibly invade the US and why? (It is obvious that the “3rd generation” warfare is a thing of the past for every country in the world except one: the only credible invader left is the US.)

  3. The standing army has since the end of the American Revolution been used exclusively for offense rather than defense. We must put an end to the temptation of the ruling class (to which they eagerly give in) to continue this sordid “tradition.”

  4. Defense is best produced by means of state militias and widespread private gun ownership.

9) We oppose the idea that foreign policy made by the state is necessary or legitimate.

  1. Just as freedom is not a government “policy” but the absence of it, neither should our relationships with citizens of other countries depend on the will of one man in Washington, D.C. The question is, who should plan our policies with foreign citizens, the state or the individuals? Freedom means: let the each American decide for himself how he should act with respect to the French, the Iraqis, and the Japanese.

  2. We need to destroy the government’s ability to decide for all of us what our attitudes and relations with non-Americans should be. In other words, there should be no such thing as US “foreign policy.”

  3. The foreign policy, such as it is, should consist of fully free trade, reasonable open borders for those immigrants and workers who will not use the welfare system of US (itself to abolished; see the Domestic Policy section), and free movement of capital and labor. There must be no sanctions nor blockades imposed upon any country whatsoever. “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” And that, in essence, is exactly as if the state had no foreign policy at all.


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