Natural laws, Mills maintains, are descriptive:

… a scientific or physical law is a human description of how the universe consistently behaves. (69)

But, by believing that the laws of physics cause the behavior of the universe, creationists overlook the need for pursuing genuine causal explanations.

For example, if I ask why a rock thrown skyward soon falls back to Earth, it would be meaningless to respond, “It’s the law of gravity.”

“Gravity” or “the law of gravity” is simply the name and description we assign to the observed phenomenon. (71)

That a law of nature is an abstraction, an ideal universal is an eminently defensible view.

But he thinks nothing of contradicting himself later in the book with statements like

Inertia keeps the arrow going, until an outside force… stops the arrow’s forward progress. (88)

… simple gravity, unaided by supernatural Beings, transported the hunter to the bottom of the cliff. (92)

Because of gravity, water is attracted to the center of the sink, but spins rapidly before disappearing down the drain. (94-5)

… gravitation is real. (108)

Because of bacterial evolution, doctors sometimes encounter infections that actually thrive on the antibiotics designed to kill them. (110)

By Mills’ own admission these explanations are meaningless.


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