To the left that champions everything disgusting, obvious goods such as

  • health;
  • beauty;
  • wealth;
  • youth;
  • intelligence;
  • virtue;
  • charity;
  • faith;
  • idealism;
  • righteousness;
  • innocence;
  • wisdom;
  • competence,

are reminders to the losers of this world of their own viciousness and worthlessness; and hence are politically incorrect and condemned out of horrible ruthless envy.

The sad thing is that the freaks of this world do need protection and love. Everyone is a freak in something; perfection is denied to men in this life.

But leftists do not love the outcast because he is human and a child of God, despite his flaws. They instead elevate and celebrate his very perversions. They hate the good because it is good, and commend evil because it is evil. And that’s just monstrous.

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