Re: End Sanctions on India.

You’ve got to be kidding. Conservatives have happily allowed the feds to seize enormous powers, such as the ability to put sanctions on any country in the world. Now it should be obvious that these sanctions don’t benefit the American people. But what is silly about an article like this is its presumption that some government bureaucrat will read it and suddenly go “Wow, this guy is right! I’m going to end the sanctions now!”

Look fellows, what you have to do it look slightly beyond your own group (India) and the next day (repealing current sanctions), as conservatives used to be able to do. The issue is not India and what our policy toward it should be today. It’s all countries and our policy to them at all times. In peacetime sanctions should not be imposed upon anybody, ever. Until we take this power away from the feds, they will keep using it arbitrarily and for their own purposes, which have nothing to do with general welfare.

If you want to accomplish your goal, you should make the case for sanctionless foreign policy, instead of this opportunistic and ultimately fruitless pursuit of narrow self-interest, which has zero chance of changing public opinion.


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