One God

It's important to grasp that the Father as Creator and Goodness on the 3rd level + the Son as the perfect and maximally happy Spirit on the second + what we call God's pure actuality, simplicity of Matter, and efficient freedom on the first is one God.

Just as a human being is a machine-like spirit who features both level 2 and level 1 united into a single creature, so God by His nature consists of all 3 levels.

While distinguishing the persons of the Trinity, we must not overlook God's complete unity.

Therefore, any assertion like "the Father on the 3rd level is not related to time at all" must be coupled with the understanding that the 2nd-level Son -- and hence God as a "whole" -- lives in eternity. Pure actuality might not be predicted of the 2nd-level Son; but God is exactly that, because He still comes complete with a spectacular 1st level.

Again, the Son's integrity and fusion of the intellect, will, and power is a separate unity that the unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is precisely my previous conflation of the two that introduced a defect into my system which has now been fixed.

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