Physical Exercise, 2

Another neglected benefit of a habit of exercise is that it naturally normalizes your diet.

Suppose you work out every day. You go to Panera to have lunch and see a delicious-looking muffin. "I'd like that," you think. "But wait a minute," you check yourself. "I just spent 25 minutes lifting heavy things. Do you really expect me," you say to no one in particular, "to negate all that hard work? What was I, masturbating? I am not throwing it all away into a bottomless pit for the sake of a trivial sensual pleasure."

After a calculation like this, it is extremely easy to leave the muffin alone. You escape Panera's trap feeling smart and in control.

Your health and good looks become an investment, an asset, and an object of pride. You want not only to preserve it but grow it, obtain capital gains. And no pathetic muffin can stand against a businessman's cunning and inner drive.

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