R&D consider the objection that “the extremely poor have no concrete possibility for self-direction.” (303) Their reply suffices, but I think that when an argument of this sort of brought on, the objector thinks of blacks vegetating in their monstrous “projects.”

The problem of blacks and Africans in general is indeed a unique problem of any civilized society. But it is entirely contingent and empirical. (Its is clear though that Americans have failed utterly to arrive at any decent solution to it.)

The fact remains that in a laissez-faire welfare-less capitalist order, the poor (such as a child with no inheritance who starts at the bottom) are the most devious and cunning of all people. They have to be, as they have the most to gain from sagacious exercise of practical reason. They are more ambitious, more driven, more ruthless with competition (in a good sense), more hungry for achievement and improvement of their material conditions than the contented bourgeoisie stuck in their comfortable rut.

Getting from rags to riches is even more common that getting from the middle class mediocrity to riches.


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