So, I’m on the NPR website, and chance upon an article about a “study” of whether people’s “unconscious” views about race differences influence their behavior. And there’s this priceless sentence:

The million-dollar question is what such implicit associations tell us about individuals’ discriminatory behavior AND HOW IT CAN BE CHANGED (!). [emphasis mine]

Our left-liberal “elite” is still re-educating the unwashed regarding their uncouth habits. The passage goes on:

Are people who exhibit large biases on a black-white IAT more likely to interpret a black face as hostile, to subtly alter their body posture to communicate more aggression towards African Americans, or to engage in unfair hiring practices?

But the soft touch is there, too: the study allegedly illuminates the minds of “well-intentioned people who don’t explicitly hold sexist or racist beliefs.”

It’s nice of the author to consider people who do not deny that there are differences between races or sexes, well-intentioned. At least I’m relieved that it’s not my fault; I’m just a little confused, that’s all. The elite will hopefully gently enlighten and correct me. Just like Jude Wanniski, if in a different context: “Father is in the background, ready to discipline if necessary; Mother is in the foreground, offering to teach.”

Mom, Dad, what would we do without you?


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