Those who are troubled by the theological problem of evil may not even realize the full extent and size of the difficulty.

If man is yang and the active force, then nature is yin, something to be subdued and shaped. Yet as I write in my book, the female archetype is not only receptive but also destructive in its various guises: e.g., if you do not take the opportunity to plant your crops in the summer when nature is pliable, the same nature will starve and kill you in the winter.

Now it would be wrong to suggest that because of this destructive aspect, nature hates us. Rather, nature is completely unforgiving of our mistakes, rather like its creator, God the Father.

In fact, the Father’s lack of interest in forgiving sins stems from precisely this aspect of nature and His mission.

That forgiveness of sins is nevertheless provided for through the solicitude of the Son is a miracle and incredible testament to God’s overflowing goodness.


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