So says the Southern Poverty Law Center:

We have heard nothing remotely comparable to the [New Black Panther Party]’s bigotry from the founders and most prominent leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement and nothing at all to suggest that the bulk of the demonstrators hold supremacist or black separatist views.

Of course, they don’t hold “supremacist” views! Who could be mad enough to think blacks were superior to whites?

Nor, just as obviously, do they hold “black separatist” views, understanding keenly that separating from the white civilization would entail returning to crushing poverty and utter barbarism for blacks.

But just because the Black Lives Matter people are well aware of both the superiority and usefulness of whites to blacks does not mean that they don’t hate whites, such as out of envy and inferiority complex.

Thus, Richard Cohen’s argument is invalid: BLM may be a hate group even if they hate for different reasons from some other “hate groups.”

Thanks to Thomas DiLorenzo for the link.


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