Here you beat a person up and yell obscenities at him until he genuinely repents. There is no limit to the pain inflicted, though no permanent damage should be done.

Rehabilitation is about turning the tables on a guy, showing him firsthand how his actions affected others.

Let me quote from an older post:

As far as the conservatives are concerned, they are winners and on top of the world, and the criminals are losers.

Look at me, they say, I’m the man and a winner, and you suck, losers. I’m everything, and you are nothing. I kill you, because I can and enjoy my power.

It seems to me that the conservatives need to be taught a harsh lesson. We should begin by kicking them in the stomach with heavy boots. At some point, they will say, “Why are you doing this? I didn’t do anything.”

Oh, so you think what I am doing is unjust? Were you just to the “losers”? When you were a winner and on top of your world, were you just to the less fortunate? No, you despised them; you spit on them; you hated them. You thought they were filth. Now you are filth and yourself nothing.

You thought you could fuck with people, you miserable bastard? Now I am fucking with you, and you had better feel the pain.

The wrath is never-ending, so you just keep doing that until the criminal yells, “Lord, save me! I want to be good.”


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