The whole thing about gay marriage is the homosexuals trying to become an Official Victim Group, under no circumstances to be “discriminated” against.

It’s probably even worse than this. I’d expect individual homosexuals to balk at the idea of privileging themselves in the eyes of the law in this way. The homosexuals understand quite well that they are perverts and that their personalities are vicious. Far be it from them to preach the virtues of their disgusting habits!

The people leading this attack are themselves most certainly not gay but are as if a demonic horde intent upon erasing all distinctions between things, including between heterosexual and gay relations. They seek to grind the world into prime matter. What they are doing is unjust, yet they are aware of and will this injustice.

Not only are they eager to suppress people’s ability to discriminate between good and evil through propaganda and government schooling, but they also aspire to sic the government’s police onto those who still do (most reasonably, by the way) discriminate.

Again, individual gays are not to blame. There is a big difference between the garden-variety situation of Smith’s sinning and the monstrously evil situation of Jones’ teaching other people that what Smith is doing is perfectly Ok.

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