The American right defines itself entirely in opposition to the left. They have no ideas of their own except protecting the status quo and the politically powerful and, of course, war. They merely hate the left. But being against something is not a positive program. Brown’s victory is a reaction to Obama’s policies, a good one perhaps but a reaction only. Since the classical liberal tradition is now dead, the regular job of the Republicans is faithfully to preserve whatever socialist policies are enacted by the Democrats.

The reason why the Democrats seek to destroy what remains of the free market in medicine and why the Republicans in their turn did not long ago propose what should be a radical reform to free an industry hopelessly tied up in red tape now becomes clear. The Democrats believe in socialism. The Republicans do not believe in anything, whether socialism or freedom; they are cynical to the core and believe in “conserving” the rule of the present power elite and looting the country to the max. If medical socialism comes to this country, the Republicans will very soon be counted on to protect those few people who will be benefiting from this monstrous “system.” We are caught between a rock and a hard place, and the fight for liberty must involve a real ideological change, such that the Democrats are rejected as foolish, and the Republicans are rejected as evil.

Note: All posts earlier than this one were at some time years ago made private as per my decision to reboot this blog. They may reappear if I find that I could salvage anything of value in them.

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