Aspects of wisdom:

Goodness: the will, objective real
Truth: the intellect, objective ideal
Beauty: power, subjective real
Unity: the union of the above, subjective ideal

Goodness of:

God’s 3rd level: objective real
Natures of all other things, including the 2nd-level God: objective ideal
Moral good: subjective real
Physical good (pleasure): subjective ideal

Aristotelian causes:

Material: Guardian
Final: Idealist
Efficient: Rational
Formal: Artisan

Time periods:

Past: Guardian
Future: Idealist
Timelessness: Rational
Present: Artisan

Time relations:

Before the effect: physical cause
After: teleological cause
During: Aristotelian 4 causes
Eternally co-present with: divine cause


A posteriori analytic: Guardian
A priori synthetic: Idealist
A posteriori inductive: Rational
A priori deductive: Artisan

The permutations of:

Exists / does not exist;
Has essence / does not have essence

Reference / no reference;
Meaning / no meaning.

Mental powers:

Recollection: past
Anticipation: future
Imagination: timeless
Perception: present


Guardian (yin) + Idealist (yang) = fruit of the virtue trinity, self-knowledge
Rational (yin) + Artisan (yang): = fruit of the happiness trinity, enjoyment


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