It is precisely when we acknowledge substantive race differences, such as that blacks on average are more: lazy, stupid, corruptible, present-oriented, amoral-like-wolves, criminal, etc. than almost all non-blacks, that we see that the state bears full responsibility for setting back the evolution and progress of blacks.

Take minimum wage, for example. It is blacks who most benefit from wide availability of low-paying jobs. This is not just so that they can provide for themselves but to grant them a measure of upward mobility, wherein the skills, powers, and virtues they learn while in these entry-level positions can be used for personal and career-wise growth, i.e., to graduate toward more responsible and productive and therefore higher-paying jobs.

These low-paying jobs are never meant to suffice to “support a family.” No 14-year-old, black or white, who works at Walmart or McDonald’s is supposed to support a wife and 3 children. These jobs instead, while serving the consumers in their own right, teach crucial skills that render their owners, again, upwardly mobile.

With prudent saving, the income even from these jobs, aided by support from the family, can be used to buy further training in colleges or vocational schools.

The litany of the evils of the state regarding blacks is endless, seen most clearly just when race differences are fully grasped. Slavery, the original American sin, bred blacks for strength and endurance at, of all things, picking cotton rather than problem-solving in engineering or understanding subtle arguments in philosophy.

The drug war has a different effect on blacks than on whites.

“Welfare” spending has ravaged the black family, unlike the white family which has proven more resilient.

White people are not allowed to but still do in the privacies of their own hearts or families say “There goes the neighborhood” when blacks more into their communities. It is true that blacks ruin vast stretches of real estate, but the problem has its root in government public housing, aka the infamous “projects,” where the stench of physical and spiritual decay is palpable. Subsidized housing is marginally better. It is the blacks who leave these projects and receive these subsidies who end up devastating normal communities.

Affirmative action has caused whites to despise rather than sympathize with blacks who now are stuffed into occupations and pursuits for which they are manifestly unqualified and into social positions which are obviously undeserved. Race relations are ruined concominantly.

Anti-discrimination laws have butchered one of the most natural liberties of mankind: freedom of association and its corollary freedom not to associate with anyone for any reason, once again bringing about strife between the races.

Such are the sad facts. But they are not written in stone. The situation is eminently correctible. Let us not fight one another but focus instead on our common enemy: the state.


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