What on earth is a “failing school”? Must the bricks in the school building actually be crumbling? Well, no, a failing school is either (1) that pushes government propaganda, i.e., has bad teachers; or (2) that has criminal bad students; or both.

Regarding (2), consider that government-run housing keeps blacks deep inside their monstrous ghettos and out of decent neighborhoods. Government-subsidized housing is more pernicious, since it gives blacks a way out, thereby harming innocent non-black homeowners whose properties will be invaded and destroyed by blacks wielding “housing vouchers.”

The case of schools is even worse. Now blacks are stuffed into terrible schools, both by virtue of terrible teachers in them and by virtue of their own wickedness. We should let them rot there. To give them vouchers and let them spread into white neighborhoods will be a disaster.

This is especially obvious with regard to good public schools which, due to the various non-discrimination mandates, will be forced to accept all manner of gangster “kids” and unteachable savages from wherever they may hail. But we should expect private schools to lose all control over admissions, too, and be effectively socialized.

There is also the matter of (1): the now subjugated private schools will be massively subsidized, and with taxpayer subsidies comes government control over the curriculum. Why should the majority tolerate unconventional schools? Shouldn’t there be some accountability? Goodness only knows what’s being taught in private schools! Maybe the politicians hate Evolution; or on the contrary hate Intelligent Design. Or maybe they are convinced that math should be taught in one specific way. Away with the competition! Comply or lose your accreditation or be hounded with lawsuits.

Instead of “choice,” we’ll end up with conformity regarding (1) and enforced equality of misery regarding (2).


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