Says Stove:

Our freedom of the press, except for really precious things like pornography, has greatly diminished in the last hundred years, and especially in the last twenty.

In 1892 you could say in public print that women are intellectually inferior to men, that blacks are morally inferior to white, that poor people are lazier than middle class ones, that Shi’ite Moslems are ignorant murderous fanatics, and so on. You cannot say so now.

On the one hand, this is Stove having some un-PC fun. And what he is saying has much truth to it.

On the other hand, the common man can easily misinterpret this and take the phrase “Shi’ite Moslems are ignorant murderous fanatics” to entail “the US state ought to bomb Shi’ite Moslems.”

So, I just don’t trust the liberals to acknowledge these commonplace truths about women, races, etc.; but I also don’t trust the conservatives not to take these truths to call for violent extermination of women, blacks, Muslims, etc.

This is a pretty sad state of affairs, don’t you find?


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