I like J.C. Lester’s formulation of “traditions and habits” as “obvious opportunities and standard solutions to problems, which we might well find useful but may ultimately reject if something better occurs to us.” (Escape from Leviathan, 32)

This reminded me of what I wrote in my book:

The paradigm of a worker-capitalist-entrepreneur is an independent consultant who offers to his customers “solutions to their problems.”

He seeks to make his clients more efficient, reduce their costs, and raise their revenues. He is paid for results not for faithfulness.

Since the economy and technologies are perpetually in a flux, and both problems and the most efficient solutions to those problems change all the time, the consultant keeps himself abreast of all the new developments in his field.

For example, entrepreneurs and consultants who drive and lead the market do not merely implement “best practices” found within their occupations or adhere to “industry standards.” They discover new and better practices than the ones presently conceived by most market players, exceed the standards, and through those, outdo their competition.


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