It will be based on an earlier post called Soviet Fun.

Level System
6. Laissez-faire capitalism
5. American capitalism
4 Classical ancient regime, aka feudalism
3. Feudal-style and so superficially somewhat less extreme German type of socialism
2. Slave-owning; socialism of the Russian pattern, 1917-1991
1. Total war; also relations between nations under the national version of socialism

I want to focus on 4 – 6 for a moment and point out that the federal government is essentially the feudal liege lord to whom its many dependent characters owe fealty.

Now these vassals of the Washington’s power elite can be more or less rich, yet all are on call to fight for their lords if not directly in the military than through the electoral process.

The poorer vassals, such as your local welfare bums, are expected to perform their duty if not with bullets than today with ballots.

The richer oligarchs — who owe their wealth to the state or who expect government privileges to protect them from the market process — must finance the politicians’ campaigns, again if not military than election ones.

Progress from 5 to 6 is thereby being checked by all these people’s unwise and destructive efforts.


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