The most burning desire of any politically conservative person is to “be on top,” to have power. And he is willing to kill to prevent others from competing with him.

When he is lowly, he loudly demands freedom for himself to rise in the social hierarchy. Having risen, he immediately becomes eager to take away these same freedoms for other people, lest they threaten his now high position.

The reason why conservatives in the US sometimes seem pro-liberty is because of the (now dead) classical liberal tradition which most of the time is intellectually consistent. The hypocrisy of our conservative remains a thorn in his flesh requiring fanatical attacks on the “left” so that he may forget, if for a moment, about it.

Conservatives hate the left not because they care about the leftist ideologies (which are awful, to be sure), but because they want to paint someone as even worse than they are, in the process seeming less evil by comparison. The resulting shouting match deafens everyone’s ears.

A conservative deviously pretends to be helpless and humble when he is weak, so that those currently in power might feel a pang of compassion and ignore him while he gathers his strength for an attack. Having garnered some wealth and power, he reveals himself utterly ruthless with the newcomers who might, if left free, challenge his vested interests. A conservative would freeze society and prevent all improvement, just so that he may rest on his laurels and with his political power, crush the new generation.

The greatest hatred of conservatives is reserved for their competition.

“The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power,” is Orwell’s description of the attitudes precisely of conservatives (under socialism).

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