Another objection: Wouldn’t goodness create good things? Aren’t we a testament to goodness’ glory?

It is obvious that this question presupposes that the world has a purpose: to serve as a reminder to any rational being that goodness through the Father (and later the other 2 persons) made it.

But goodness, insofar as anything can be affirmed of it, is not so petty as to require worship from us and demand recognition or obeisance. The world as a whole has no purpose separate from it other than to exist and to enjoy existing.

Reflecting the Father faithfully is merely one way station on each creature’s pursuit of happiness.

In particular, our love for the God is something that we actually feel; not something that we “ought” to feel (or else go to hell, say). God is perfectly lovable and is impossible not to love when beheld face-to-face. Hence, any ought is implied by must.

Moreover, “any rational being” is part of the created reality in the first place. It is surely strange to argue that I am a “reminder” to myself of the divine goodness.

I live and strive and am content that God and goodness are forever beyond me.

That is enough.

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