Here is how it all fits together:

Chakras: a model of the human soul

A model of the human soul.

Chakra Location Color Description Virtue Gift
Crown Violet Speculative reason: Judgment concerning the truth Wisdom Wisdom
Brow Indigo Speculative reason: Apprehension of the truth Understanding Understanding
Knowledge Knowledge
Throat Blue Practical reason Prudence Counsel
Heart Green Emotional soul Justice Piety
Solar Plexus Yellow Irascible passions (active, i.e., those that are defensive, such as anger and hope) Fortitude Fortitude
Spleen Orange Concupiscible passions (passive, i.e., those that are instinctively attracted to pleasure and flee from pain) Temperance None
Root Red Vegetative soul (lifeforce) Fear of the law Fear

The top 3 virtues are intellectual; the bottom 4 or 5 are moral. Prudence resides in the intellect but its purpose is to serve self-interest, to discover means to its possessor’s ends, and to reason morally. Hence prudence is formally intellectual but moral with respect to its final cause.

Virtue Accompanied By Some Deadly Sins
Wisdom Ecstasy Pride, folly
Understanding Joy Illusion
Knowledge Wonder Superstition, ignorance
Prudence Success Craftiness, deceitfulness
Justice Romance Injustice, irreligion
Fortitude Safety, imperviousness to harm Anger, presumption, ambition, vainglory
Temperance Pleasure Lust, gluttony
Fear of the law Survival Despair

Is it an accident that there are 8 beatitudes?

Virtue Beatitude (Mt 5:3-10), blessed are…
Wisdom 7, the peacemakers
Understanding 6, the pure in heart
Knowledge 2, those who mourn
Prudence 5, the merciful
Justice 3, the meek
Fortitude 4, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness
Temperance 8, those who are persecuted because of righteousness
Fear of the law 1, the poor in spirit
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