There is a natural right for all men, generally speaking, to “walk the earth,” move about freely.

This primordial freedom of movement over the vast unowned and unexplored planet is simulated today with the help of public roads.

(The roads must be merely publicly accessible, not necessarily owned by the government. For example,

  1. my apartment’s services are privately owned, and the apartment itself is not open to the public;
  2. a Macy’s department store is privately owned, but is open to all comers;
  3. the CIA building is owned by the government yet inaccessible;
  4. and a city road is accessible and must most plausibly be state-owned.)

We have to be reasonable here and say that there is a right to move basically from private community to community, not necessarily either be admitted into any single community as a member or move freely within the community if someone’s guest.

This right is more fundamental than even the right to homestead, because if you can’t walk to a piece of unowned land and mix your labor with it (or whatever works better than the labor theory of property), you cannot appropriate it.

Nor can you, if you want to buy a property from another person, inspect it before the purchase or enjoy it once possessed if you can’t physically travel to it.

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