We do not need public police for any of the following functions:

  • Patrolling private properties and providing on-the-spot deterrence.
  • Investigating crimes.
  • Finding criminals on the lam.
  • Personal protection, security guarding, or bodyguarding services.

All these are much better performed by the market.

Patrolling public properties such as roads by highway patrol and parks by rangers is not really “policing” as we tend to use this term. These areas are government property, at least for now, and the government simply enforces the rules it has previously set for their use, just as private property owners enforce the rules for their own properties.

The spectacularly narrow function of the public police is to enforce judicial sentences by forcing a person to pay restitution or damages or simply by transporting him to prison.

Thus, the legislature and the executive branch communicate via the mediation of the judiciary.

Regarding the latter function, the cops are glorified delivery boys, grabbing condemned criminals (or taking custody of them when they are caught by private bounty hunters) and driving them to jail.

That’s it! There is absolutely nothing else that the city police force is useful for.

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