Fox-Genovese asserts that “it would be heartwarming to believe that a woman CEO of Dow Pharmaceuticals would welcome the opportunity to provide free measles vaccines to every child in the country.” It would be heartwarming, in other words, for the CEO to steal other people’s money and spend it on the causes dear to her (or to our author). She is in a position of a Mafia kingpin who tries to buy absolution for his crimes and respectability by donating extorted money to the Catholic Church.

Women must have a weakened concept of property rights. It does not occur to them that feeling good about themselves for works of mercy derives from stolen items and therefore, is illegitimate. Could they have spent too many hours with children? Perhaps, to a woman, taking tax money is like preventing a child from eating cookies before dinner. They only do what’s in the child’s best interest. Similarly, her victims should be happy to be stolen from, an illusion that even a Mafioso would not be under.

However, the CEO of Dow Pharmaceuticals would surely welcome a “social program” aimed at vaccinations, woman or man. Her company would profit by selling the vaccines to the government.

Moreover, if vaccines do cause autism and other ills, then she would be a veritable merchant of death.

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