Richard Weaver and War

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Richard Weaver and War

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Could a man contemplating going to war or taking justice into his own hands reason as follows?

"My enemy does not want to toss a coin or duel. He sits comfortably on his throne, safe behind his walls and guards. Every other measure has failed to give me what is mine. The only thing he understands is force.

"Very well, we shall see who is strongest. I put myself in the hands of the gods who control the currents of justice. If they want me to win, then I will win. If I lose, then I may still be in the right, but I will know that the gods do not want me to prosecute my claim.

"They keep their own counsel to whom to grant victory. If they turn away from me, then I will accept it. I am powerless in front of their tribunal and will defer to their judgment and give up, if that is their will."

Even if sound, this seems to justify administering justice oneself as a private matter but not a collectivist nation-against-nation war.
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Richard Weaver and War

Post by Shermantek »

I would say the easiest way to see who is at war is to look for the little red war weariness icon on their flag in he upper right area off board region. Every nation at war gets the icon.

Is this what you were asking for?
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Richard Weaver and War

Post by Emilegoono »

Usually I have them in armies, rarelly in corps. That way they will keep up with the frontline and not risk getting captured Ive captured ai air units or left behind...
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Richard Weaver and War

Post by HelenLom »

I know that Willie Nelson and Richard used to play dominoes.

But I would like to know if anyone has heard any good stories about them hanging out. b.b


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