Christian Karma

Note that cumulative charity through incarnations is simply a Western, and Christian, interpretation of karma. Every life is then a dangerous adventure in which one grow in charity through righteousness and grace, or lose charity through wicked thoughts, words, or deeds.

The singular importance of this theological virtue is noted by St. Thomas: “Hence he who possesses the more charity, will see God the more perfectly, and will be the more beatified.” (ST: I, 12, 6)

As I mention in my Secrets of Metaethics, there are three kinds of light: 1st-level physical light, 2nd-level spiritual light of the chakras, and 3rd-level divine light. It belongs to the soul on the 2nd level to, through grace, acquire the 3rd-level divine light. (Though it is more accurate to say that this light acquires you.) Faith is such light in the intellect, charity in the will, and hope in power.

So to summarize, the lower 5 chakras develop naturally during pregnancy; the intellect which is the higher 2 chakras descends from heaven and completes the soul some time around quickening, though it is wiped clean and loses all memories upon that event; charity accumulates in the heart from one incarnation to the next. Of course, a little child cannot be said to have charity understood as explicit rational friendship with God. So we must contend that the holy light exists in the will at first in a latent form and later bursts forth, igniting at the appropriate time in the right conditions.

It is hard to see why Christianity has denied a doctrine so convenient.

Indeed, reincarnation solves a number of perplexing problems. One is no longer forced to postulate either the Limbo of the Fathers or of the Children which are little more than desperate expedients. Neither Abraham nor Socrates were hopeless cases. Fully ensouled babies who are aborted in heaven recover their intellects and face neither increase nor diminution of their charity.

There are three not two states in life: corrupted nature, pure nature, and grace. (The fourth state, glory, is in heaven only.) In Christianity, the wicked may well suffer serious punishment, the graced will see God, but what happens to the naturally righteous of whom there have been billions? It is madness to consign them to hell, indeed no better doctrine for making atheists exists. So will they enjoy natural happiness without the vision of God? But that’s not God’s MO at all. He does not need mere humans, or even angels, He wants sons who share to some extent His 3rd-grade nature (that is, consisting of 3 levels). Reincarnation allows these people to try again.

It grants greater mercy to the wicked. Even if you lost some charity due to sin in one life, you may be able to recover it in another.

It makes more sense of the distinction between Immediate Judgement after death and Last Judgment at the end of the world. One distinction is that the latter includes all the remote consequences of one’s actions in a single life. But it is unclear how that can affect the final happiness if one is in no way responsible for what happens thousands of years after his death and that any influence one might have had on the future is intertwined with countless other factors. Reincarnation gives rise to a more significant distinction which is that Last Judgment is one that tallies up all your lives.

I’m sure this list can be extended. Reincarnation seems like the height of common sense to me.

Essence of Soul Gender

An objection to my thesis on gender — that biological sex, spiritual sexual identity or soul gender, and masculinity vs. femininity — are three distinctions and that sex always matches gender is simply to ask what makes a soul male or female.

We know what makes a body male or female, and we can to some extent agree on which qualities are masculine and which feminine, but what makes one spiritually male or female?

For example, sexual attraction is not a marker for gender. Homosexuality can be seen as effeminate but a gay man is not a “girl inside.” A “butch lesbian” is not particularly attractive (to straight men) but she’s not “really” a boy.

Love of God does not make gender because an ungraced person is still spiritually well-defined and because both men and women can receive divine grace. Indeed, Mary the Mother of God is the queen of heaven.

Being better than average at spatial reasoning or verbal ability has little to do with gender and is simply part of the masculinity / femininity spectrum.

Keirseyan temperament, though Guardians and Rationals are yin and Idealists and Artisans, yang, is not it because it is simply one of the four active chakras (orange, yellow, green, or blue) empowered, while gender is determined by the intellect. And of course, both men and women can be of any temperament.

Rather, the essence of the male soul is to be a holy warrior against evil. It is for his spirit to hunger and thirst and embark upon a heroic quest to slay the dragon in the name of love, honor, and glory. It is to take his light, journey into the heart of darkness, and emerge victorious. This quest can be many things, it can be big or small, it can fit the preoccupations of any temperament. It can often be forgotten in the travails of daily life, but no man is finally immune to its claims.

A perceptive and funny article on Babylon Bee illustrates the point perfectly:

Wife Asks You To Get Her A Water, Nail Clippers, And Magical Feather From Mythical Bird Atop Fire Mountain ‘As Long As You’re Up’

Local woman Sabrina McKenzie asked her husband to please go on an epic quest of mythologic proportions, since he was already up anyways to go to the bathroom.

“Babe, since you’re up already,” began Mrs. McKenzie, as her husband froze in fear. “Can you grab me a glass of water? Oh, and while you’re at it, follow this ancient map across many leagues to Fire Mountain, climb the treacherous peak, and retrieve a feather from the Hawk of Destiny, of which the old legends speak?”

A woman who would foolishly undertake such a quest would literally trans herself, disfigure her own soul, just as other fools today mutilate their bodies. Likewise, a man bound to the nursery is a corrupted soul.

The female soul is ultimately fulfilled in family and children and unconditional compassion for them. These are a woman’s highest callings.

Just as the sex of the body is unexpressed until puberty, so soul gender is also unexpressed until later in life. As heterosexual sex is an expression of a man’s bodily sex, so a heroic romantic quest is an expression of his soul gender. And as some men are physical eunuchs uninterested in or incapable of sex, so some others are spiritual eunuchs, dismissing any quests in their lives.

Who’s Obsessed?

Libertarianism is not a particular random obsession of some people. It is not true that, as Twitter says, liberals are obsessed with the “individual,” and conservatives are obsessed with “civilization,” and libertarians with the state.

Libertarianism is a solution to political philosophy which is a subset of ethics that deals with proper and improper uses of violence in human life. It answers the question, “How do we best beat each other up — or, normally, not as the case may be?”

This answer impinges on individual rights, civilizational success, and state powers alike.

Gender Realities, Cont.

Here’s how the whole thing works: at conception the chakras are fused into an undifferentiated ball of white light which separates into its flower spectrum as time goes on. But only the active chakras thus develop naturally during gestation; the intellect is a direct divine infusion. The intellect is detached from its foundation in heaven and thrust into the body uniting it with the rest of the soul. Crucially, the will, the heart of man, his ultimate unity, the reservoir of divine light, not to be confused with the green chakra, is merged from the soul in heaven into the new soul. This allows progress in charity — the ultimate point of the whole human project — to continue throughout multiple lives.

It may be objected to the central claim of my post that the soul gender is determined not by the intellect (indigo – violet chakras) but by the lower 5 active chakras (red through blue).

This makes it possible for animal souls to be gendered too. And it also may make more sense of reincarnation where genders are switched. A relative of mine who has the Sight tells me that in a previous life she was a male warrior. Make what you will of it.

This allows transgenderism at least theoretically because this time it is nature that determines both the sex of the body and gender of the soul (as opposed to God determining gender in my case), and who knows, maybe some weird radiation or chemicals or what not can mess the whole thing up.

However, on balance I reject this opinion. First, as I said, angels are gendered but have no active chakras at all. So it is their intellects that are decisive.

Second, what is the point of gendering animal souls which are corruptible? Bodies need to be sexed for reproduction, and the masculinity-femininity spectrum is needed for proper behavior such as mating, fighting, protecting offspring. But why exalt the soul by marking it this way which does not deserve it? So according to this reasoning, a biologically male gorilla is very masculine but is spiritually neuter.

Third, reincarnation gender-switching may be possible on my theory too, except that it has to take place explicitly in heaven.

Fourth, upon death the chakras unite back into a fully developed ball of light. The heavenly inhabitants shine like the sun, they do not display the rainbow. This is the Hegelian dialectic rightly understood: primitive whole into a complex structure into a sophisticated whole. (No, society does not reach communism after dying during capitalism.) Nevertheless, the active chakras are bound up with the body and are basically disabled in a separated soul — that’s why for full humanity there must ultimately be a resurrection. So it’s hard to see how they can be the source of gender, or at least how the intellect can query the lower chakras to assure itself of its proper gender.

So the theory originally proposed is maintained.

Holy Libertarianism

It is a common mistake that libertarianism entails libertinism or degeneracy or moral decay.

Libertarianism proper is a political doctrine that champions private property, entrepreneurial freedom, international peace, economic progress, and individual responsibility.

Consider the most primal form of private property, self-ownership. If you own yourself, you have a right to do various things with yourself. For example, you have a definite right to build up your body. To become healthy, strong, fit, maybe an athlete or bodybuilder. You have a right to acquire moral virtues, to develop your mind, to wise up, to pick up skills and become powerful, competent, and proficient at what you do. You have a right to accept divine grace and become friends with God and devote your life to service of fellow man.

But just as you have a right to move up, to ascend toward the light, you by necessity must have a concomitant right to move down, to descend into darkness. You have a right to become a fat slob who sits at home devouring Oreos and playing video games. You have a right to get tattoos, a nose ring, and even perhaps to lop off your genitals. You have a right to acquire vices and become a lazy, angry, gluttonous fool. You have a right to become an incompetent loser. You have a right not only to refuse grace but even to profess atheism. You have a right, instead of serving humanity, to live a pointless, ineffectual life of quiet desperation.

There are of course subtleties and complications. One obvious limitation concerns minors who are by nature “under the rod.” Libertarians are in no way committed to letting anyone trans his kids, for example. Another regards madness. Libertarianism is for rational animals, and society has to deal with those who are not. But for example if you want to argue that transgenderism is a form of madness that requires involuntary commitment and treatment, then there has to be a general consensus in society of doctors, legislators, and general public about it because it’s a big deal to label a person insane and lock him up. Another issue is risky entertainments: do people have a right to skydive or climb mountains or do cocaine or drink raw milk? Self-ownership says yes, but I can see how some might object.

Libertarians favor privatization everywhere it is feasible. But not everything can be privatized. Public properties like roads should be managed in the interests of the taxpayers, in a utilitarian manner, i.e., according to the principle of the greatest good for the greatest number. Far from tolerating drug-addicted homeless defecating on the streets, libertarians counsel buying these guys a one-way plane ticket to Siberia.

Now of course we don’t want people to ruin their lives, and we want to do all we can to help each other succeed. But the libertarian insight is that the state is a deeply evil, compromised institution, incapable of guiding people up. The government is given keys to the hell-dungeons where the wicked writhe in pain. It is therefore a demonic entity established to punish and torment evildoers, and it is legitimate for that purpose. But it is a completely inappropriate means to discouraging libertinism, degeneracy, or moral decay.

Hence libertarianism not only does not entail libertinism, not only does not promote libertinism, but by (1) granting each person (a) the full rewards of success in life and subjecting him to (b) the full penalties from failure in life and (2) limiting government mostly to punishing violent crimes, actively encourages civilization on the social level and individual maturation and moral development on the individual level. It insists, and rightly so, that the state is a deadly enemy of both.

Gender Realities

In regard to sex and gender, there are three distinctions.

First is biological sex. It’s a binary, male and female. Any rare intersex condition is a genetic defect, an unfortunate corruption of nature. There is sperm, and there is egg, and the two types of bodies that generate them, and that’s it.

Second, there is spiritual sexual identity. There is definitely such a thing. When you die, your soul does not become neuter. Near-death experiencers do not report losing their idea of what gender they were in heaven or demanding to be addressed as “they/them” by the Being of Light. Angels are not neuter despite being incorporeal. I do not have to examine my body right now, and did not even when I was a little boy, to know with full certainty that I am male.

This soul gender is also binary. And here’s the crucial philosophical part. Spiritual gender is separate from biological sex, these are two quantitatively different things. But it is not distinct from biological sex, the two are qualitatively identical. The reason is that human ensoulment occurs in two ways: the rational part is either created by God or descends from heaven in a (re)incarnation into the body chosen by God. Now nature as it is in the world is partially corrupt and fails at least occasionally. Every manner of birth defect, sickness, vice occurs from time to time. But a direct act of God does not fail because God is good and fully competent. Hence it is impossible for a soul to be put into the “wrong body.” Hence no male soul is ever implanted into the body of a female or vice versa.

This does not imply that “gender dysphoria” is impossible. A bodily ailment or spiritual malady or a disharmony between soul and body can theoretically generate it. But even then it would cause a false perception of oneself, of what one truly is, a flaw in self-knowledge, to be treated with meditation or psychological therapy or prayer, not puberty blockers or surgery which merely add the disfigurement of the body to the intellectual error.

Finally, there’s masculinity and femininity in body and personality. This is a spectrum. To use Steve Sailer’s examples, Michael Jordan was not 100% masculine, and Sophia Loren was not 100% feminine. There is a vast variety of features and traits that admit variation in this gamut. Yet regardless of where you fall on it, you are either physically and spiritually male or physically and spiritually female.

Neither sex nor gender is a social construct. Masculinity and femininity to some extent are but only partially so, there are standards that are both universal and objective. It follows that transgenderism is a delusion or lie, transgender people do no exist. The entire movement is an aberration, pronouns are fantasies, she-males are autogynephilic pervs, and “trans children” are infected with a social contagion that spreads rapidly due to social media that must at all costs be suppressed.

Book Writing Pro-Tip

Watch the video below and use the macro to generate a list of all the words in your book. Sort this list by frequency. For each, or almost each, word, search for it in Word and as you go through each token, see if that word is best in this context, whether it is used too frequently or repeats in close proximity to its brethren. If a different word would work better, replace it with a synonym (such as with the help of a thesaurus) or rephrase the sentence.

Stronger words often sound better, e.g., in “they provide three arguments…” “provide” is a wimpy word, see if “bring to bear,” “marshal,” or “adduce” is superior.

Search for “serv” (or “serv[ei] using wildcards) to highlight “serve,” “serves,” “service,” and so on. Once you’re through, delete the lines with these in the list so you don’t duplicate your efforts later.

A book is a complex ecosystem, and all the words in it should “live in harmony” with each other. This helps.

Since you only need to do this once per book, you don’t need to save this macro with the file, you can save, add and run the macro, then reopen the file without saving.

I was only able to use this method on two of my books, on Rawls and Cohen, because it is so time-consuming and tedious. It was worth it because I made many hundreds of improvements to them with this invention. At some point, however, the marginal costs exceeded the marginal benefits, and I decided to stop.

If you want to call it the Chernikov technique, I won’t mind.

New Books

I spent the past four years writing five books which evolved together and which I am publishing at the same time.

Hard-core, isn’t it?

All work is now finished, and boy, was it intense. (Let’s do it again? Not for a while.)

In these books, especially Secrets, I sought to build a system, a big one, indeed one that includes everything.

The books can be read in any order, but there is a theme common to them which is the market process and the nature of justice. This is why there is some repetition.

In my defense, with all due humility, I can say that it’s not every millennium that someone improves on and completes Plato’s system.

I have managed, I believe, to add a paragraph, rather than a footnote, to him.

You can download the books for free on the homepage.