Here’s one upshot of the Anunnaki theory.

The first point is that it was not the heavenly Father but Enlil, battling against Marduk, who actually nuked Sodom and Gomorrah, and other cities besides.

The second point is to understand why it does not belong to the heavenly Father to devastate cities, such as by miraculously materializing a bomb in the air above them, why it is ungodly for Him to do so, why His nature does not permit Him to commit atrocities like this.

This question has been obscured by lack of information: if the Old Testament is the word of God, and the Israelite Lord is not Enlil but the Father of All Beginning, then we have no choice but to attribute waging nuclear and biological warfare with “weapons of terror” to Him. This is the beginning of the mountain of ugly and fake theology: the Sodomites must have been evil, and God hated their guts, and He took righteous revenge on the cocksuckers, glory be to God.

This is yet another way to make atheists of decent people. Finally, we are freed from the necessity to impute Enlil’s barbarity to the Almighty Father, the Source of all existence, goodness personified.

The Anunnaki poisoned our religion for millennia, possibly the biggest scam ever perpetrated on mankind. They treated us badly. Zecharia Sitchin, Tellinger, all these guys are our heroic liberators and deserve all the praise we can bestow on them.

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