Here’s how the whole thing works: at conception the chakras are fused into an undifferentiated ball of white light which separates into its flower spectrum as time goes on. But only the active chakras thus develop naturally during gestation; the intellect is a direct divine infusion. The intellect is detached from its foundation in heaven and thrust into the body uniting it with the rest of the soul. Crucially, the will, the heart of man, his ultimate unity, the reservoir of divine light, not to be confused with the green chakra, is merged from the soul in heaven into the new soul. This allows progress in charity — the ultimate point of the whole human project — to continue throughout multiple lives.

It may be objected to the central claim of my post that the soul gender is determined not by the intellect (indigo – violet chakras) but by the lower 5 active chakras (red through blue).

This makes it possible for animal souls to be gendered too. And it also may make more sense of reincarnation where genders are switched. A relative of mine who has the Sight tells me that in a previous life she was a male warrior. Make what you will of it.

This allows transgenderism at least theoretically because this time it is nature that determines both the sex of the body and gender of the soul (as opposed to God determining gender in my case), and who knows, maybe some weird radiation or chemicals or what not can mess the whole thing up.

However, on balance I reject this opinion. First, as I said, angels are gendered but have no active chakras at all. So it is their intellects that are decisive.

Second, what is the point of gendering animal souls which are corruptible? Bodies need to be sexed for reproduction, and the masculinity-femininity spectrum is needed for proper behavior such as mating, fighting, protecting offspring. But why exalt the soul by marking it this way which does not deserve it? So according to this reasoning, a biologically male gorilla is very masculine but is spiritually neuter.

Third, reincarnation gender-switching may be possible on my theory too, except that it has to take place explicitly in heaven.

Fourth, upon death the chakras unite back into a fully developed ball of light. The heavenly inhabitants shine like the sun, they do not display the rainbow. This is the Hegelian dialectic rightly understood: primitive whole into a complex structure into a sophisticated whole. (No, society does not reach communism after dying during capitalism.) Nevertheless, the active chakras are bound up with the body and are basically disabled in a separated soul — that’s why for full humanity there must ultimately be a resurrection. So it’s hard to see how they can be the source of gender, or at least how the intellect can query the lower chakras to assure itself of its proper gender.

So the theory originally proposed is maintained.

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