An objection to my thesis on gender — that biological sex, spiritual sexual identity or soul gender, and masculinity vs. femininity — are three distinctions and that sex always matches gender is simply to ask what makes a soul male or female.

We know what makes a body male or female, and we can to some extent agree on which qualities are masculine and which feminine, but what makes one spiritually male or female?

For example, sexual attraction is not a marker for gender. Homosexuality can be seen as effeminate but a gay man is not a “girl inside.” A “butch lesbian” is not particularly attractive (to straight men) but she’s not “really” a boy.

Love of God does not make gender because an ungraced person is still spiritually well-defined and because both men and women can receive divine grace. Indeed, Mary the Mother of God is the queen of heaven.

Being better than average at spatial reasoning or verbal ability has little to do with gender and is simply part of the masculinity / femininity spectrum.

Keirseyan temperament, though Guardians and Rationals are yin and Idealists and Artisans, yang, is not it because it is simply one of the four active chakras (orange, yellow, green, or blue) empowered, while gender is determined by the intellect. And of course, both men and women can be of any temperament.

Rather, the essence of the male soul is to be a holy warrior against evil. It is for his spirit to hunger and thirst and embark upon a heroic quest to slay the dragon in the name of love, honor, and glory. It is to take his light, journey into the heart of darkness, and emerge victorious. This quest can be many things, it can be big or small, it can fit the preoccupations of any temperament. It can often be forgotten in the travails of daily life, but no man is finally immune to its claims.

A perceptive and funny article on Babylon Bee illustrates the point perfectly:

Wife Asks You To Get Her A Water, Nail Clippers, And Magical Feather From Mythical Bird Atop Fire Mountain ‘As Long As You’re Up’

Local woman Sabrina McKenzie asked her husband to please go on an epic quest of mythologic proportions, since he was already up anyways to go to the bathroom.

“Babe, since you’re up already,” began Mrs. McKenzie, as her husband froze in fear. “Can you grab me a glass of water? Oh, and while you’re at it, follow this ancient map across many leagues to Fire Mountain, climb the treacherous peak, and retrieve a feather from the Hawk of Destiny, of which the old legends speak?”

A woman who would foolishly undertake such a quest would literally trans herself, disfigure her own soul, just as other fools today mutilate their bodies. Likewise, a man bound to the nursery is a corrupted soul.

The female soul is ultimately fulfilled in family and children and unconditional compassion for them. These are a woman’s highest callings.

Just as the sex of the body is unexpressed until puberty, so soul gender is also unexpressed until later in life. As heterosexual sex is an expression of a man’s bodily sex, so a heroic romantic quest is an expression of his soul gender. And as some men are physical eunuchs uninterested in or incapable of sex, so some others are spiritual eunuchs, dismissing any quests in their lives.

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