Book Writing Pro-Tip

Watch the video below and use the macro to generate a list of all the words in your book. Sort this list by frequency. For each, or almost each, word, search for it in Word and as you go through each token, see if that word is best in this context, whether it is used too frequently or repeats in close proximity to its brethren. If a different word would work better, replace it with a synonym (such as with the help of a thesaurus) or rephrase the sentence.

Stronger words often sound better, e.g., in “they provide three arguments…” “provide” is a wimpy word, see if “bring to bear,” “marshal,” or “adduce” is superior.

Search for “serv” (or “serv[ei] using wildcards) to highlight “serve,” “serves,” “service,” and so on. Once you’re through, delete the lines with these in the list so you don’t duplicate your efforts later.

A book is a complex ecosystem, and all the words in it should “live in harmony” with each other. This helps.

Since you only need to do this once per book, you don’t need to save this macro with the file, you can save, add and run the macro, then reopen the file without saving.

NB: This process is time-consuming and tedious but worth it, as I made many hundreds of improvements to my books with this invention.

If you want to call it the Chernikov technique, I won’t mind.

New Books

I spent the past four years writing five books which evolved together and which I am publishing at the same time.

Hard-core, isn’t it?

All work is now finished, and boy, was it intense. (Let’s do it again? Not for a while.)

In these books, especially Secrets, I sought to build a system, a big one, indeed one that includes everything.

The books can be read in any order, but there is a theme common to them which is the market process and the nature of justice. This is why there is some repetition.

In my defense, with all due humility, I can say that it’s not every millennium that someone improves on and completes Plato’s system.

I have managed, I believe, to add a paragraph, rather than a footnote, to him.

You can download the books for free on the homepage.